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Doctor hands applying bandages to injured foot

Dr. Hobizal and Dr. Wize provide exceptional, personalized and educated treatments for complex and non-healing wounds on lower extremities.

They are skilled in applying effective therapies and the latest techniques to help wounds heal faster and prevent them from recurring. This includes offering a comprehensive range of treatment options such as bioengineered tissue products, personal hyberbaric oxygen therapy chambers and minimally invasive surgery. Wounds range from those caused by diabetes, pressure, skin tears, surgical, vascular disease, cancer treatments, trauma, and other health issues.

When should you seek wound care?

  • Wound heals slowly or not at all (no significant progress in 4-6 weeks of standard care)
  • Wound involves deep tissue structures
  • Wound is limb or life threatening
  • Wound leaks from tissues and bones
  • Large, deep, or very dirty wound
  • Wound is complicated by significant co-existing conditions including diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, persistent edema, or persistent infection
  • Prior radiation treatment to the area
  • Compromised immune status

Patients are also taught to care for their wounds at home and are given information on nutrition and exercise that may aid the healing process and prevent future wounds.