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Spine Care: Visit & Pre-op Expectations

First Visit

X-Ray of spine

Understanding your pain level and back history will help us to build a treatment plan for you and your first step to recovery. Please print this diagram and complete prior to your arrival of your first visit so that we can get a sense of your pain level.

For existing patients, please print this form and complete prior to your next visit.

Tests may be ordered for further treatment and diagnosis. (MRI, CT, EMG/NCV and X Ray)

Dr Grisafi may provide home exercises programs or a referral to a Physical Therapist.

Bring family members or friends who can be a second pair of ears and whom may offer additional questions.


Surgeons performing surgery

For your convenience, we have provided the following information to assist your understanding and expectations prior to surgery:

PostOperative Care Planning

The information below provide information for your wound care, medications, diet, activity and should you have immediate needs post surgery:

Did we answer your questions or concerns? We encourage you to address all your concerns and questions before you leave your office visit.